The Story of Mibo USA

Over the years, my children have ridden varying types of kick scooters - Razors, Micros, etc. Unfortunately, none have been sized (or built sturdy enough) for a 6' 3" adult - believe me...I've tried!

Before my 42nd birthday, I reminisced of my sturdy steel-framed Mongoose scooter that I spent countless hours riding as a kid. My wife was listening and secretly found the best available option - an "adult" size Razor which I excitedly unwrapped for my birthday. Now I could ride with the kids up and down the street!

After checking and double-checking the folding/locking mechanism against the instructions, I donned my helmet and immediately went for a test ride. (Note: I happen to live on one of the few hilly streets in my neighborhood and often find skateboarders and bikers experiencing the minor thrill of our hill!)

Before I could make a full round trip up and down the block, the lock on the folding mechanism broke loose as I pushed, sending me sprawling (and scraping) on the asphalt surface. I learned firsthand what I've now heard numerous other adults tell me after seeing my Mibo...other scooters are just not made well (or big) enough for adults. 

That spawned a lot of late night research for the best kick scooter on the planet. I searched for products made for all ages, but particularly suitable (and sturdy enough) for all sizes and shapes of adults.

Mibo Scooters!

Mibo Scooters s.r.o. is a nearly 20-year old footbike manufacturer headquartered in the Czech Republic that designs and builds high quality and very well-equipped steel frame footbike. Mibo footbikes are hand-crafted in relatively small volumes with locally sourced steel and equipped with high-quality component parts. In fact, Mibos are so durable (and fast) that Mibo racing has become a serious alternative sport in parts of Europe - frequently over long distances and rugged terrain. 

It was a little challenging to get my first Mibo to the USA but I did it with the help of the kind and capable folks at Steptrading in the Netherlands (now our distribution partner).

Everywhere I went on my Mibo, people stopped me to ask questions and take a closer look.

"What is that?"
"That is so cool!"
"Where did you get that?"
"Where can I buy one of those?"

After months of planning and hard work, I am happy to introduce Mibo USA - the exclusive authorized seller of Mibo Scooters in the USA! 

Find your perfect Mibo fit and get yourself on a footbike!


In order to keep the delivered cost of your footbike as affordable as possible, we accumulate individual orders to pallet size (at least) and ship in bulk by container. While we will do everything we can to deliver your Mibo as quickly as possible, the amount of time between taking your order and receiving a Mibo on your doorstep could vary between a few days for in-stock items to a few weeks for special orders or out-of-stock items. We will keep you diligently informed throughout the process.